Research interests

I am particularly interested in literacy, writing methods, memory functions and the embodiment of cognition, and these are also the issues that I study in my PhD research. I hope to continue my research on this subject with magnetoencephalography MEG measurements on different age groups later in 2017. The poster below was presented at the Conference “Understanding learning in the brain”, 13.-14. June 2017, organised by th Interdisciplinary Brain Research Unit, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

The infographic below was designed by my good friend Ha.

I participated on a very interesting and current course on research methods for the online world. There we came up with this research idea, that we ended up liking so much that we might actually do something about it in the future, who knows!

The poster here below was presented at the FERA Conference on Education in Vaasa 19.-20.11.2015 organised by Åbo Akademi. The theme of this conference was “Education and Proficiency in a Time of Efficiency”.


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